Available kittens for sale
              Kittens for sale & Expecting parents
                                    A Gift that keeps on Giving.. 
                   Lady Godiva had 5 Persian kittens 8-31-14  
  Kitten video posted 10-24-14 http://youtu.be/fWN6abZDhKs
 Persian baby kitten video* posted 10-06-14  http://youtu.be/jx9WUVGu7Dc
baby Persian kitten video posted 9-21-14 http://youtu.be/3v2HjZTsAYw
baby Persian Video posted 9-19-14
video posted  9-18-2014  http://youtu.be/l0scDDPvnTs
Available kitten video taken 9-15-14 http://youtu.be/dLnVtiVfPay
kitten video taken 9-11-2014  http://youtu.be/p7shcS2PUbU
All 10 kittens playing, video taken 9-11-14   http://youtu.be/b7TxqP9ASBU
kitten video posted 9-10-14   http://youtu.be/0Txl3-8oNoE
1st kitten video when their eyes just opened http://youtu.be/fRHpO7ZeKL4
 kittens below are Available 
If you would like to place a hold on a kitten
                  call Asha 360-220-0508.

Lady Godiva's and Apollo's Persian kittens born 8-31-14
 This little girl is "Angel Eyes" she has a perfect traditional doll face she is mostly white with few spashes or orange color and orange tail. 950.00

below you see a black smoke and high white bi-color Persian boy "Adonis" he has a traditional doll face and is the smallest kitten in his litter at this time a total momma's boy..  900.00

 below you will see kittens at a younger age


below is "Apollo" he is the father of the available Persian kittens you see above

below is "Lady Godiva" our smoke calico mother to the available Persian kittens

   If you are interested in having one of our kittens call Asha 360-220-0508  

Kittens cost 950.00 for females 900.00 for males  A 200.00 deposit will place a hold on your desired kitten , The balance can be paid when you pick up your kitten.   
Are you wanting a kitten to cuddle?

     Our kittens start Potty training at 3 weeks old so that they are ready to start to socialize with our family & dogs at 4 weeks old. 
 We pick them up to give cuddles and kisses, give them neck and body massages while talking with them, they enjoy sleeping and cuddling with us and the dogs. 
This hands on attention will ensure that you are getting a kitten that is not afraid of anything and longs to be your cuddle friend.. At 7 weeksold we begin good manners training..  to explain... We make a ch-ch sound when spraying a water bottle when we catch them doing naughty things like scratching the furniture, getting on the kitchen table or counters, then when they are ready for their new homes, all you need to do when catching them doing naughty things is make the Ch-ch noise and they will stop. No need to declaw your kitten for fear of him/her ruining your furniture. Because our kittens have been socialized so well in our home there is no problem with shipping, I think the worst part is being confined to the crate but you can bet that your kitten will be purring and delighted to see that you are their new kind mommy or daddy that is letting them out of the crate.. PLEASE BE PATIENT PHOTOS LOADING ARE LARGE SO MAYBE SLOW!!!!                                
Reserved  kittens are pictured on thewatch me grow page....

 All of our Purrfectkeeperz kitty family have all been tested for PKD and feline leukemia. Our available kittens are either ready now for their new homes with you, or we are excepting deposits. kittens will have their health shots and 2 dewormings and come to you with a goody gift bag filled with toys and food to get them started in their new homes with you and your family.. We are located in Monroe Wa.  If you live in the south Seattle or Portland area I do have a driver that can deliver your kitten cost would be 50.00-100.00 depending on how far the delivery is..  We can also provide transportation to B.C. Canada  
We except a 200.00 deposit to hold your desired kitten, the balance can be paid when your kitten is picked up.

Kittens are raised in our home holstically and socialized with our 3 dogs and our kids, Our kittens are not afraid of anything and are ready to be your cuddle friend.. JUst to inform you.. it is important that your kitten is socialized especially between the ages of 6 to 10 weeks so that he or she will have the wonderful loving trusting purrsonality that us Persian/Himalayan lovers are longing for. Also be sure the parents of the kitten you are purchasing has been tested for PKD and feline leukemia. Pkd is a kidney disease the runs high in todays Persians & Himalayan's so Please be sure this is done, I have had many customers who have chosen to purchase from me after loosing their loving friend to PKD,  symptoms can happen at anytime, as early as 6 months to 3 years old. Having this test done can save you the heart ache of losing your best friend.. Thanks for visiting our website, If you would like to come meet us and our kitty family, or have any questions, or just want to talk about kittens, I would like to hear from you.. just call me.. "Asha" 360-220-0508



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